Confirming half or full DNA testing for siblings

Confirming half or full DNA testing for siblings
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Our laboratory uses DNA technology to determine whether two or more individuals are full-siblings or half-siblings. When both people have the same biological parents, they are classed as full-siblings. Half-siblings are individuals who share only one biological parent, either the mother or father.

When testing for sibling relationships, the DNA laboratory will determine the genetic profile of the possible siblings and will calculate a sibling DNA index or likelihood ratio. Full siblings usually have more DNA in common than half-siblings, while half siblings normally share more DNA than unrelated persons.

Why is this DNA sibling test different?

Unlike a paternity test which will always provide a conclusive result, sibling DNA testing is different. When a sibling test is conducted, the DNA laboratory will determine the genetic profiles of the alleged full or half-siblings. Based on the genetic material shared by each sibling, a sibling DNA index or likelihood ratio is calculated to determine the most likely relationship. A likelihood of greater than 10 indicates that the siblings are related, either full or half, but a likelihood of less than 0.1 does not support this. A likelihood that falls between 0.1 and 10 is inconclusive, which means that a relationship cannot be determined, based on the data collected and analysed.

The higher the value of the sibling DNA index, the greater the likelihood that the two individuals are biological full or half-siblings. It is possible to analyse two individuals to determine that they are more likely to share two common parents versus one common parent (i.e., they are full siblings sharing a mother and father) or that it is more likely that they have one parent in common versus them being unrelated (i.e., that they are half-siblings, with a single parent in common).


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